Residential Refuse, Yard Debris, Recycling Program

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 We are pleased to provide you with the Town of Perinton's updated Residential Refuse Policy and Recycling Program.  The following policy outlines our refuse program "do's" and "don'ts", helps minimize duplication of services between the Town, garbage disposal companies, and WM Recycle America, (who provides town-wide residential recycling services), and mitigates the safety hazards and unsightliness associated with debris placed in the public right-of-way.  Please refer to the following information when placing items out for collection and thank you for working with us to "help keep Perinton clean".

  1. NEW  Residential Refuse Collection Policy NEW
  2. NEW Street by Street Residential Refuse Collection Schedule & Map NEW 
  3. Items Collected by the Town of Perinton Department of Public Works 
  4. Items Collected by Private Haulers 
  5. List of Private Haulers and Other Specialty Companies 
  6. Items Requiring Special Handling 
  7. Recyclables
  8. Fairport Village ResidentsRefuse Rules and Regulations


  1. ALL LOOSE DEBRIS must be placed in a container and shall not exceed 50 pounds in weight, including the container.
  2. Tree branches, vines, steel posts/pipe must be cut in 4-foot lengths.
  3. Materials shall not be placed at the roadside for collection more than 24-hours in advance of the scheduled collection day. (Bulk leaf pick-up is an exception). 
  4. All materials should be placed adjacent to the road shoulder, not in the roadway.
  5. Town crews attempt to remove all debris without causing damage; however, at times, large amounts of material placed on driveways or lawn areas will cause minor damage during the collection process. Any damage that occurs is the homeowner's responsibility.
  6. Grass clippings are not collected by the Town of Perinton. 

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Yard Waste

Yard waste is defined as leaves, weeds, garden material, fruit and any other plant materials, excluding grass clippings. All loose material must be placed in reusable waterproof containers, i.e. garbage cans - plastic or metal. Materials placed in cardboard boxes or bags (paper or plastic) will not be collected.

Tree Debris

Tree debris is defined as brush, tree limbs, firewood, and small stumps less than 12" in diameter. Small amounts of brush and tree limbs must be placed in reusable waterproof containers, i.e. garbage cans - plastic or metal. Brush or tree limbs placed in cardboard boxes or bags (plastic or paper) will not be collected. Larger amounts of tree debris should be cut to 4 foot lengths and piled parallel with the curb on your property. Piles that are too large for our daily collection crews to handle will be picked up with different equipment within one to three weeks. No contractor piles (material generated by a contractor must be removed as part of their service).


Four tires per house per year will be collected.

Stone and Concrete

Small amounts of stone, concrete, and asphalt can be collected by our service. All material should be placed in reusable waterproof containers that do not exceed 50 pounds in total weight. Uncontainerized material will not be collected.

Steel Posts and Pipe

Includes steel posts, pipe, steel swing sets, and playground equipment, all cut to four-foot lengths.

Household Appliances and Other Metal Products

This includes car parts, furnaces, washers, dryers, refrigerators (with doors removed), stoves, dehumidifiers, bathtubs, air conditioners, lawnmowers, wheels, empty propane cylinders, and gas and charcoal grills.


Leaves will be collected in bulk with vacuum machines or loaders. Collection will occur on a 4-6-week cycle in the fall from Labor Day until snow arrives, and in the spring during the months of April and May. Leaves should be placed at the edge of your property, not on the pavement. DO NOT MIX sticks or other debris in the leaf piles (this will break the leaf vacuums). Leaf piles that contain sticks or other debris must be containerized to facilitate collection. Leaves placed in reusable waterproof containers will be collected year round on your regularly scheduled collection day. Leaves placed in cardboard boxes or bags (plastic or paper) will not be collected.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees will be collected on your regularly scheduled collection day. Simply place the tree behind the curb, on your property.


Household Garbage:

Food Waste, Paper Goods, Plastics 

Household Items: 

Rugs, Mattresses, Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops, Flooring, Doors, Small Appliances (microwaves, blenders, etc.), Toilets, Sinks (Contact your private hauler for special handling instructions or additional charges

Building/Construction Materials:

Wood Products, Wood Fences, Dimensional Lumber, Paneling, Drywall, Electrical, Duct Work, Insulation, Roofing Shingles (Contact your private hauler for special handling instructions or additional charges) 

Miscellaneous Materials:

Bicycles, Ladders, Pool Liners, Empty Gas Cans -metal or plastic (Contact your private hauler for special handling instructions or additional charges)

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 The following is a list of private haulers who are currently working in the Town of Perinton that can be contacted to set up residential trash service. (Please see any special notes listed after the hauler.)


Contact Person(s)

Phone, Fax & E-mail

5051 Fox Road
Palmyra, NY 14522 

John Kuhn


P.O. Box 1127
Webster, NY 14580 (For residences north of the canal)

Karen Gutzmer

Ph: 872-6500
Fax: 265-4707

623 Basket Road
Webster, NY 14580

Mike Leone

Ph: 254-3500
Fax: 254-2313

35 Deep Rock Road
Rochester, NY 14624

Tom Moran

Ph: 254-7081
Fax: 254-7788

750 Lee Road
Rochester, NY 14606 (Currently limited to Perinton Residents with 14526 zip code)

Susan Payne Ph: 720-0978

WM RECYCLE (Waste Management)
623 Basket Road
Webster, NY 14580

Corey Grant

Ph: 254-3500


846 Macedon Center Road
Macedon, NY 14502

Mailing Address:
PO Box 837
Macedon, NY 14502

Ph: 1-315-986-8900
Ph: 1-800-706-9449
Fax: 1-315-986-5928

425 Perinton Parkway 
Fairport, NY 14450

Ph: 223-6132
Fax: 223-6898


10 Avion Drive
Rochester, NY 14624

Ph: 753-7600 (Option #3)


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Railroad Ties, Telephone Poles, and Grass Clippings

Railroad ties, telephone poles, and other creosote-impregnated material, such as landscape timbers, cannot be collected by the Town or private haulers.  Grass clippings are not accepted as landfill waste.  You are encouraged to recycle or compost your clippings.  You may also contact Alpco Recycling at (800)706-9449 or (315)986-8900 to make special arrangements for the disposal of these materials.

Electronic Waste

Town of Perinton CRT TV/Monitor Recycling Policy

On September 1, 2015, the Town of Perinton began charging residents a fee to recycle CRT TVs and Computer Monitors. This charge is being levied to cover the fees that our Electronics Recycler is charging the Town to properly dispose of these items. We will continue to recycle all other types of electronic materials at no cost to our residents. While we regret that this change in the program was necessary, we are committed to the responsible disposal of the hazardous materials found in CRT TVs and monitors.

Fees For CRT TV And Computer Monitor Recycling
We accept payment by Cash or Credit Card*** Only

  • Computer Monitor:  $10.00
  • CRT TV ≤ 27":  $20.00
  • CRT TV > 27":  $40.00
  • CRT TV - Oversized (Console, Rear-Projection):  $50.00

***NEW!!! Now accepting Credit Cards (subject to $1.75 transaction fee from your bank or credit card company).***


On May 23, 2011, the Town of Perinton became an Alliance Partner with EWASTE+ for the purpose of recycling e-waste. This means that our Department of Public Works facility is a year round drop off location for electronic equipment. 

You may drop off your unwanted or unused electronics at the Department of Public Works facility located at 100 Cobb's Lane, Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4 pm. No appointment is necessary. Please check-in at our main office entrance located right behind the flagpole. We will assist you in unloading your items and provide you with a receipt for items paid for. For more information, please check our website or call our office at 223-5115.

Below is a list of the electronic equipment that is accepted at our facility.


DVD Players & DVR's

Monitors **See above for CRT monitors

Digital Converter Boxes


Cable or Satellite Receivers

Electronic Mice or Similar Pointing Devices


Fax Machines, scanners, and printers 

Televisions  **See above for CRT TV's


Small copiers and printers

Portable Digital Music Players

Cell phones 



Items collected include recyclables #1 through #7(which are plastics), paper, metal cans(with or without lids), glass bottles and jars, drink boxes, gable-top cartons, empty aerosol cans (no paints or pesticides), clean pizza boxes, paper boxes with the plastic liner removed(i.e. cracker, pasta, tissue, and cereal boxes), all books (including phone books), gift wrap, envelopes, and cardboard cut into 2' by 4' lengths and taped or tied in bundles. Plastic grocery bags are not accepted. Please remember to tear or shred any papers with identifying information, including financial statements or bills. Shredded paper must be in clear plastic bags only.

Visit for more information or call Recycle America at 254-2106

Blue bins are available at the Perinton Town Hall. Call 223-0770.

May 11, 2019

The towns of Perinton and Pittsford and the villages of East Rochester, Fairport, Pittsford and Monroe County Department of Environmental Services (DES) have joined forces to hold an appointment-only Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection at the Perinton Highway Garage, 100 Cobb's Lane, on Saturday, 

May 11, 2019 from 7:45 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Most HHW (paint, flammables and other chemicals from home-use) is safe when used and stored properly. When they become unwanted and are disposed of improperly, these household wastes can become environmental hazards.

Fees will be collected for CRT TV and CRT Computer Monitor Recycling (No appointment necessary)
Cash Only

  • Computer Monitor: $10.00
  • CRT TV ≤ 27": $20.00
  • CRT TV > 27": $40.00
  • CRT TV - Oversized (Console, Rear-Projection): $50.00

This collection will also accept your old computer and electronic equipment for recycling. Drop off your unwanted computers, laptops, modems, servers, peripherals, GPS Units, cell phones, fax Machines, copiers, CD Players, IT equipment, audio/ visual equipment, and telecommunications equipment.   No appointment is necessary if you are only recycling electronics.

Personal (residential only) document shredding will also be offered free of charge (No appointment necessary).

 To ensure safety and reduce waiting times, appointments are required at all HHW collections.  Appointments for this HHW collection will be accepted until May 10. To schedule an appointment Perinton and Fairport residents should call 223-5115. Pittsford and East Rochester residents can call 248-6250, or you can go on-line to to schedule your appointment. This collection is open to all Monroe County residents. Waste from businesses will not be accepted.

Up to 30 gallons of the following materials will be accepted per appointment at no charge:

  • Oil-based & Latex Paint (for 1/3-gallon or less of latex paint: discard lid, add kitty litter, let dry, place can in trash)
  • Wood Stain & Preservatives
  • Automotive Fluids (antifreeze; brake, power steering and transmission fluids)
  • Pesticides & Fertilizers
  • Flammable Products (gasoline, kerosene, thinners, strippers, solvents)
  • Household Cleaners (liquid soaps & waxes, drain cleaners, etc.)
  • Driveway Sealer
  • Pool & Photo Chemicals
  • Rechargeable (Ni-Cad) & Button Batteries
  • Mercury (thermometers, thermostats)
  • Syringes/Sharps (safely packaged) 

Do Not Bring: used motor oil & vehicle batteries (contact service station or retailer); Pharmaceutical Wastes, Propane tanks (permanent HHW facility only), cans with dried paint (if it rattles when shaken – remove lid and place in trash); empty containers (trash or recycle); everyday alkaline batteries (trash); glazing/spackle & joint compounds (trash).

If residents are unable to take advantage of this one day HHW collection, the County offers other collections throughout the year. For more information, or for business waste disposal options, call DES at 753-7600 (option 3), or go on-line at