High Acres Landfill update

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 4:02pm

After negotiations with Town of Perinton officials, Waste Management has agreed to formally change the way they do business at High Acres Landfill. 

Waste Management has reaffirmed its commitment to the community and Town leadership by agreeing to implement specific, meaningful, actionable, relevant, and time bound improvements at the landfill through a formal modification to the Operations and Maintenance Manual, which will require New York State Department of Environmental Conservation approval and oversight.

“I know there is still a lot of work to do,’’ said Town of Perinton Supervisor Mike Barker. “But I’m pleased with the progress that has been made and we will remain vigilant in this matter.”

Waste Management will evaluate and implement several measures developed in collaboration with and recommended by the Town including engineered capital improvements, operational changes/enhancements and administrative procedures to minimize off-site odors.  The Town and Waste Management are currently defining reasonable timeframes to complete these measures, several of which will be industry-firsts in the state.  Measures include:

  • Agreeing to conduct a study centered on the effectiveness of odor mitigation measures for Municipal Solid Waste materials delivered to the landfill by both truck and rail. The study will identify and recommend, as necessary, the implementation of additional odor mitigation measures with the goal to reduce garbage odors overall, especially during dumping activities.
  • Installing enhanced de-odorizing mist barrier systems around the working face and perimeter of the landfill.
  • Providing annual fill progression plans that demonstrate sufficient constructed capacity to allow for various fill scenarios and enhanced operational flexibility.
  • Adopting formal procedures to gauge odor intensity/duration using American Society for Testing and Materials standards.
  • Implementing real time response and verification of odor complaints by a trained third-party consultant (using the newly adopted procedures noted above).
  • Conducting bi-weekly coordination meetings with Town, Waste Management and NYSDEC staff to discuss ongoing landfill operations.
  • Requiring Waste Management and NYSDEC staff to address any landfill deficiencies determined to contribute to odors within specific timeframes.
  • Ensuring continued monitoring for H2S and methane as recommended by the Town of Perinton Conservation Board.
  • Developing specific engineered plans for tying the working face back into the membrane covered side slopes of Cells 10 and 11. 
  • Evaluating, identifying and implementing any other operational and/or technical measures that will further mitigate landfill odors (including emerging/future best management practices and/or technologies).

The Town of Perinton recognizes that additional measures outside of those listed above may also be necessary and will continue to work collaboratively and proactively with Waste Management and the NYSDEC in the best interest of all Town residents.

Town of Perinton Conservation Board Chairman Ken Rainis said the Conservation Board’s recommendations centered on the premise that “you can’t control what you don’t measure.”

“This agreement outlines actions that will help all parties better understand, control and mitigate odor generation,’’ Rainis said.

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